SMS messaging

SMS messaging

SMS Office Messages

  1. The professional or franchisee may opt to receive SMS reminders of email notifications that have been sent by ProNexis. These SMS reminders are referred to SMS Office Messages.
  2. SMS reminders will accompany any email notification sent around the clock. 
  3. ProNexis collects a distribution list of SMS numbers and sends all reminders to all numbers on the distribution list all the time. 
  4. SMS reminders are sent out as “broadcast only” and cannot be replied to. 
  5. The SMS reminder will include a hyper link to the web page that houses the message taken by the agent and emailed to the professional or franchisee.

SMS Notifications 

  1. ProNexis has the capability to send SMS messages to prospects or leads. 
  2. If configured, when an online lead does not pick up the phone on our first phone call attempt then we will send an SMS message introducing the company and asking if texting is a better way to communicate.
  3. If the online lead responds to the SMS message, ProNexis agents will communicate with the online lead via SMS messaging to try and book the assessment/sale.
  4. ProNexis agents will not take credit card or other payment information over SMS messaging. 

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