Lead Status Definitions

Lead Status Definitions

Lead Status Definitions


ProNexis defines a lead as an individual who is contacting a business for the express purpose of inquiring about services provided by that business with the intent to purchase those or similar services. Individuals who communicate with ProNexis agents for any other purpose may not be considered leads. 

1.          Converted

a.          A lead that was converted to a sale or appointment for an in home consultation or assessment.

2.          Bad Lead

a.          A lead that had fake or otherwise incorrect contact information. 

b.          A lead that completed the entire ACS list of actions without being contacted.

c.           A lead who has stated that they did not request information.

d.          Duplicate leads.

3.          Cancelled

a.          A lead with whom an appointment was set or a sale was made where the sale or appointment was later cancelled.

4.          Test Lead

a.          A lead sent through the system as a test.

5.          In Process

a.          A lead with whom there are uncompleted ACS actions or future callback attempts scheduled.

6.          Not Converted

a.          A lead to whom a sales presentation was made that refused the sale or appointment.

7.          Owner Action

a.          A lead, employee, or other business contact that was sent to the contact on file for the associated area either by phone transfer, email or SMS.

b.          A lead who has already scheduled an appointment or completed a sale directly with the professional or franchisee. 

8.          Services Unavailable.

a.          A lead requesting services that are outside the scope of services offered through the call center for the company or brand they have attempted to contact. 

b.          A lead submitted to ProNexis whose service address postal code is not associated with any areas that currently use ProNexis' services. 

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