Keys to success with ProNexis

Keys to success with ProNexis

ProNexis Best Practices

  1. Use the portal as your main source for information. 
    1. Due to the unreliable nature of email and SMS notifications, if you rely solely on information from those notifications you will most likely miss information at some point.
    2. These notifications are provided as a convenience but are not meant to replace the frequent use of the portal.
  2. Call every appointment for an in home consultation or assessment and/or sale in order to confirm their information. 
    1. In the case where you may need more lead qualification done than what is included with the ProNexis program, it is the best practice to call these people to confirm their information and to do additional lead qualification instead of requesting that ProNexis ask more lead qualification questions. 
    2. Incidental agent errors such as typos or mis-clicks can be caught on these calls and will save time, resources, and relationship strain.
  3. Individual professionals or franchisees do not have the ability to dictate how calls should be handled, but feedback is very important to be able to assess quality and identify possible call handling changes. 
    1. Please send feedback using the call rating system. 
    2. If you are requesting a change to how agents are handling phone calls, please contact the account management team or your Franchisor.
  4. Don’t simultaneously follow up on digital marketing leads. 
    1. Because of the intensive nature of our follow up schedule, we recommend not simultaneously following up on leads or prospects. Doing so may result in the lead or prospect feeling pestered and decrease the conversion rate. 
    2. When a lead or prospect has finished the schedule of queue actions, an email and/or SMS notification will be sent to the professional or franchisee. This is considered the “hand-off” where the professional or franchisee may then continue to contact the lead or prospect.
  5. Allow for statistical significance. 
    1. We are all very invested in a high conversion rate. However, to arrive at a statistically significant conversion rate most professionals or franchisees will need to send a minimum of 150 leads or prospects to ProNexis for ProNexis to make a sale presentation to. Please keep this in mind if you have concerns about ProNexis’ conversion rate.
    2. ProNexis measures conversion rates as the total number of converted leads as a function of the sum of all converted leads and not converted leads. For more information, please see the section below about lead status definitions. 
    3.  It may be difficult to gauge success for locations that did not track their conversion rate prior to using the ProNexis system, the same will be true if the conversion rate prior to ProNexis was calculated differently than how ProNexis calculates conversions. When comparing ProNexis results to any expectations you may have; this must be taken into account. 

ProNexis KPI’s

ProNexis is built to assist the professional or franchisee with the following KPI’s. Please make sure you are gauging the success of the program on these metrics and not metrics that ProNexis does not focus on. 

ProNexis service is designed to provide increases in the following areas in comparison to a professional or franchisee trying to handle calls in-house. 

·            Increasing the number of appointments for in home consultations or assessments / Sales Made / Conversion Rate

·            Reducing the number of missed calls from leads or prospects

·            Increasing the numbers of referrals for services not provided by the professional or franchisee sent out to third parties. 

·            Reducing the time to first call on digital marketing leads.

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