How do I forward my calls and leads to ProNexis?

How do I forward my calls and leads to ProNexis?

Phone Forwarding

Forwarding calls to ProNexis is as simple as setting up call forwarding with your existing phone system to point calls to the phone number ProNexis provided you. We can accept calls on any schedule, or forwarding set up; when our line rings we pick it up. The only limits are the limits of your existing phone system. Each system is different, so the actual process will vary. Some examples are:
  1. Calling your phone company to have them set up call forwarding.
  2. Dialing a short code (i.e. *66) and then your ProNexis phone number.
  3. Logging in to your phone company's website and updating your settings.
  4. Going in to the menu on your desk phone to turn on forwarding. 
  5. Phone call forwarding apps on mobile devices.
If you have any questions, please call your phone company for directions. You will be responsible for setting up your own call forwarding according to your preferences. We are happy to help, however, because of the variations possible from one phone provider to another, ProNexis will not be much use in setting up phone forwarding with your phone provider.

Lead Forwarding 

If your are forwarding leads to ProNexis, please contact your lead providers and have them send their new lead notification emails to your lead email address at ProNexis - this is usually [company-name] - please reach out to if you are not sure of the email to send these to. 

If you are forwarding leads from Home Advisor, please email us at to set up the direct integration for your leads. 
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